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Immediate Response Action Plan for African Tourism Business



Where do you think your potential clients looking for guided tours for African Tour are looking for the best African tour company? They first habitually “Google it” and type their query like – ‘which is the best tour company for a guided African Tour?’, or ‘the best-guided tours for highest success rate on Kilimanjaro’. 
What do you think happens next? Of course, we all know Google shows the user a list of names of various African Tour Tour operators to resolve the person’s query. But which tour operator do you think a person sitting in the USA or UK clicks on first? It’s the one coming up first on the Google Search Results. 
And why do they do so? According to a study by Forbes, over 71% of the people looking up answers on Google click on the first search result. Now if your website is convincing enough, this simple click can convert this potential lead to a definitive customer. 
Yes, you got that right! It’s that simple to gain potential clients with Google Ads. 
Here are 10 proven ways why Google Ads intensively helps you gain potential clients within a small stipulated period: 

Goal-Oriented Leads
Many times it’s difficult to land on your main ‘landing page’ that helps generate inquiries or bookings for a Tour tour. But let’s say you have invested in the best Tour Marketing Company like Tour Marketing Pro and you are getting good traffic, but still, you will lack the surest leads where a customer calls to start booking their itineraries, instead, they may simply change their minds after looking at your landing page. 
But a good Google Ad helps your customer land on an optimized landing page which SMP builds for you after great research and analysis of your competitors and the current market. This helps produce goal-oriented leads.

Saving Valuable Time
According to past research, any website appearing on the second page of the Google search results can appear on the first page, only after 90 to 180 days that too after the right optimization and standardization of the landing page. 
But that’s the best aspect of Google Ads. You can appear on the first page within 2-3 weeks or even less. SMP helps you create valuable Google Ads not just for Search network, but also for display ads, video ads, and more. It helps your Tour company save you valuable time and reaching out to the right customers.

Increase the Quality of Leads
Google Ads helps your African Tour Website appear before the right target audience who are looking for booking Tour tour packages. We analyze the geographical location, age group, and other factors influencing the search results on Google and target the right audience accordingly. 
It’s very difficult to appear before the right target audience organically, as the websites are not targeted to a particular age group or geographical location. In return, Google Ads helps your Tour Company improve the quality of leads.
The right research is important to find out the new potentially viable audience looking to book your African Tour Packages and we will give you exactly the right audience to deal with. 
Building Solid Campaigns
There are five types of Tour campaigns that we can help you create – 

  • Search campaigns (help you gain more inquiries and traffic to your website)
  • Display campaigns (helps you reach the right audiences while they are searching for their favourite topics of interest on Google like African Tour tours)
  • Shopping Campaigns (mostly used for products and services that appears on the right side of the Google Search result) 
  • Video Campaign (helps you reach out to people looking for travel-related or African tourism-related searches on YouTube)
  • App Campaigns (advertisements displayed on particular Apps related to specific search results)

What Tour Marketing Pro can help you achieve is building solid Google Ad campaigns that stay in the memory of your potential clients and help you achieve higher traffic to your website leading to more inquiries and leads. 

Achieving quality Scores
You may choose to buy the Google Ads services from any marketing agency, but what is essential in building the best quality Google Ads so that it attracts potential clients to your Landing Page. This is where SMP steps in. 
Three factors are affecting your quality score:

  1. Click-Through Rate
  2. Ad Relevance
  3. Landing page experience

Through our tools and techniques, we help you manage your Google quality score. The benefit of a high-quality score is that higher quality score ads can lead to lower prices and better ad positions.
We help your African Tour Company create the best quality and attractive Google Ad that immediately catches the attention of your potential clients. 

Increased Click Rates
How much you invest in a Google Ad depends on how long the Ad is being displayed to a specific audience whenever they are searching for their Tour Tour Packages and related queries. 
Depending on a higher quality score, you will get better click rates. An increased click-through rate helps you achieve more traffic to the website. For example, a person is looking for African Camping Tour packages on Google and the ad of your company appears, if the ad is attractive enough they will visit your website. 
How many clicks your Ad gets help to create a Click rate that is the ratio of the investment on the Ad to the number of clicks your Ad received. What SMP has specialized in is providing you an increasing amount of Click rates hence increases your potential clients in a short period.

Great Impact on Conversion rate
Sending vigorous emails, making great quality YouTube videos, or making an infinite amount of Sales calls, cannot impact your potential clients changing them into definite Tour Tour package buyers. But with the help of SMP, creating valuable Google Ads helps convert every inquiry to a potential lead hence increasing your conversion rates. 

The African tourism Ball game has changed
When over 80% of your potential clients are booking tour packages for your African Tour Website from websites like,, etc, how do you plan to stay ahead of these new competitors who are overruling more than half the African Tour tourism industry?
The competition is ever-expanding and staying ahead of your competition is the real challenge. SMP helps you stay ahead of these companies and directing your African Tour Tour clients to your website only. 

Looking out for the right Intent Keywords
All people searching for Tanzania Tours on Google do not intent to buy your African Tour Tour Packages. This is where all African Tour Companies are losing money. What SMP helps your African Tour Company is focusing on the right ‘Intent Keyword’. 
So what are intent keywords? Intent keywords are search terms used by customers who are already sure of buying your African Tour Tour Packages. These keywords include ‘packages’ related keywords, ‘Cost’ related keywords, etc. 
Focusing mainly on the intent keywords helps you gain more traffic. These keywords are targeted as per customization of the right audience segment looking to buy African Tour tour Packages. 

Keeping up with the Competition
African Tour Tourism industry is in an all-time high demand and what will help you stand apart from your customers is investing in the recent technology developments in online marketing which deals with two main aspects – Google Ads and SEO, where both are interrelated and one cannot exist on the online marketing platform without the other. 
Gone are the days of traditional advertisements and we are already living in the current age of digital media where on average internet users spend an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes per day on social networking in 2019 according to a study. 
SMP has experience of over 10 years of building valuable Google Ad campaigns, world-class websites and our Tour Marketing Solutions helps all Tour companies across Africa to find new customers and grow their sales online. 


In online Tour marketing, a landing page is the single web page that appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result such as ‘The best Tour Tours in Africa’. 
While making Google Ads more pro-active and intriguing we make sure your landing pages are properly optimized. To do this we focus on providing specific and short and crisp results for the search queries of your potential customer. 
This is because the first impressions are the last and the first page that your potential customer lands in is your landing page and that is the only chance your African Tour Company has to build trust in your potential customer’s mind. 
What many marketers do is use the websites’ homepage to go-to the landing page. This is truly annoying for the users as it doesn’t provide them with specific information. We help create an immediate ‘call to action’ for your potential customers after they have landed on your African Tour Website’s landing page. This call to actions could be ‘Call Now’, or ‘Enquire Now’, or ‘Book Now’, etc. 
How SMP create an irresistible offer to your potential clients through Google Ads?
How do think we create an irresistible offer through Google ads for your African Tour Company that none of your potential customers can’t resist? We do the following to generate curiosity in the potential buyers: 

  • The value offered: We focus on providing valuable offers that help them create trust and make them believe their investment is worth their money. 
  • The offer must be believable: Reducing the prices to loo creates disbelief in your potential customer. 
  • Reduced Risks: What people want to have is a reassurance that your African Tour company values their money and offers a money-back guarantee in case of cancellation of tours and so on. 
  • Create a specific and simplistic call to action (CTA): The landing page shouldn’t be too persuasive to force buyers to purchase your African Tour tour packages but should provide a simple and holistic call to action that is specific to their choices. 

No matter the outcome, good or bad, I would love to hear from you and share your experience. You never know, it may help somebody out there.

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