The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Sales Process

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Immediate Response Action Plan for African Tourism Business

We talk a lot about ways to convert more web visitors to leads, but your African safaris website can do so much more for your business.It can also help you transform those prospects into customers during the sales process.
With COVID-19 forcing a lot of businesses to connect virtually with prospects, it’s more important than ever before to utilize your website as a sales tool.
How to Tie Your Site into Your Sales Process


The saying, “the proof is in the pudding” (or the proof is in the fly pudding, as we like to say) definitely applies to the sales process.A potential customer is looking for evidence that your team, Safari Guides, Drivers, porters can deliver on its services. There are numerous ways to showcase your services on your website, and some options include:

  • Photo Gallery
  • Safari & Trekking Videos
  • Happy Client Reviews
  • Lodges you provide to them
  • Food and drinks included in your services

You can see an example of New Perspective Design’s gallery below.


Educating a prospective client on your services and what to expect is an important step. During an African Safari Website, we often help clients educate their complex services into a simple, concise explanation. This messaging is then incorporated into the website in different ways, such as a:

  • Service page
  • Destinations detail information
  • Itinerary details
  • Process Video
  • Visual Infographic

Sharing the website page about your services can be extremely valuable during the sales process. A custom Service overview page that visually explains their unique approach.


Reviews are valuable tools for both converting visitors and building credibility. Quality over quantity is best when it comes to reviews. We'll often create high-quality custom reviews for clients, and this design can be repurposed for each review on the site. You can also add interactive components, such as video, accordions, and small micro-animations. During your sales process, you can then share links to the top 1-2 reviews that relate to their needs. You can see a great example of custom reviews on our client's website.


Sales are made during the follow upstage. In a competitive landscape, you can differentiate your follow-up emails and calls by sharing resources from your site. The resource could be a blog post or video blog, and it can build a case for why your service or product is needed and present your team as an industry expert. If you don't have any existing blog articles on your website, think about the most common questions or objections during your sales process and create content around that.


Video continues to be a popular and important content strategy, but its uses are not limited to just marketing. You can experiment with using & sharing videos in different ways during sales. You can create a video to explain your services or how you work with clients. If you have a standard presentation of your services to clients, you could consider creating a video version of the presentation. If all of the decision-makers aren’t able to attend your virtual presentation, you can then share this video copy.
For example, Jerry Tanzania Tours‘s website has a link to a video on their services page that explains their subscription program.


Most prospects like to see and get to know the people that they will be working with. Today, it’s difficult to have each prospect meet in person with a team. This is another place where your website can support you. 

Consider building out a Team page on your website and adding images & bios for all of your key team members. The design and layout of this page should be engaging and inviting.

So, if you have any questions about your website, definitely reach out to our team.


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