Terms And Conditions

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Terms And Conditions

Safari Marketing Pro determine to deal with its clients in a professional, timely and approving manner,To make safari Marketing Pro as their safari Business consultant or marketing partner, the clients will be accepting the following terms and conditions

Work Contract

  • An independent contract relationship will be created between the clients and Safari Marketing Pro which will be signed by both the party.
  • A date of commencement of the services will be agreed upon by both parties and charges will be applicable according to that date.
  • The work contract needs to be signed and returned back within 24 hours of it has been sent to the clients.
  • A monthly report of performance services will be given to the clients.
  • Either party adviced not to terminate the contract before the duration of contract ends.
  • Either party may not cancel or fully transfer the service responsibilities to another service vendor before a prior notice of at least 10 business days.
  • A person who is not a part of the business deal shall not have any rights under or in connection with it.


  • If the client agreed for a monthly package of Safari Marketing Pro. Then they are obliged to pay a full chargable amount after they sign the work contract and prior we start the work.
  • The first payment date will be Considered as payment date of every upcoming month till the contract ends
  • Safari Marketing Pro.shall invoice the clients monthly, in advance.
  • Also, if the clients do not pay a monthly invoice when it is due, Manorama shall Pause the services immediately if we have not received any prior notice from the client regarding the delay.
Term And Condition