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Falcon Safaris, a premier safari company, approached Safari Marketing Pro with the goal of elevating their digital presence. The company, known for its exceptional safari experiences, sought a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to enhance their online visibility, engage their audience, and drive bookings.

Safari Marketing Pro Services Used

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Website Upgradation

Organic Social Media Marketing

The Falcon Safaris Story Began In 2004, On A Piece Of Land In Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, Owned By Mr. Hamilton Mandizvidza. They are an Operator as well as a premier full-service Destination Management Company with over 15 years of combined in-house experience in all over Africa. Their vision of sharing the wonders of the African continent with those who are eager to explore some of the world’s most magnificent areas.

Their provide unique and world-class safari and day tour packages to travelers from around the world. Their goal seems to be to offer an authentic and unique experience of Africa to travelers while also benefiting the local community. As the "Best South African tour company," they likely prioritize providing high-quality and memorable experiences for their clients.

In 2021, the company partnered with Safari Marketing Pro to design a world-class website and increase website traffic Falcon Safaris improved their online presence, attract more visitors to their website, and ultimately increased their business.

Safari Marketing Pro, implemented a comprehensive digital marketing campaign to address their problem.

The campaign likely involved a range of tactics, such as search engine optimization (SEO) to improve their website's visibility in search engine results, paid advertising to reach potential customers through targeted ads, to engage with their existing audience, paid social media advertising to reach a wider audience on social media platforms, and organic social media marketing to build their brand presence and engage with their followers

Falcon Safaris continues to partner with Safari Marketing Pro from 2021 to till now to strengthen its digital presence and achieve steady business growth.

The Results


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Challenges Faced

  • Outdated Website: Falcon Safaris had an outdated website that did not reflect the quality of their services.

  • Limited Online Visibility: The company struggled with low organic rankings, hindering their reach to potential customers.

  • Ineffective PPC Campaigns: Previous PPC efforts failed to generate significant leads or provide a positive return on investment.

  • Suboptimal Social Media Presence: Falcon Safaris' social media profiles lacked engagement and failed to showcase the uniqueness of their safari experiences.

Safari Marketing Pro's Approach:

Safari Marketing Pro embarked on a journey to revamp Falcon Safaris' digital storefront. The primary objectives were to create a visually appealing, user-friendly, and responsive website that not only showcased the company's unique offerings but also provided an immersive experience for potential customers.

Safari Marketing Pro’s social media strategies covered:

Visually Appealing Design:

A modern and visually captivating design was crafted to reflect the adventurous spirit of Falcon Safaris. High-resolution images and multimedia elements were strategically integrated to showcase the beauty of their safari destinations.

User-Friendly Navigation:

The website's navigation was overhauled to ensure a seamless user experience. Intuitive menus, clear calls-to-action, and simplified pathways were implemented to guide visitors effortlessly through the site.

Responsive Design:

Recognizing the diverse range of devices used by visitors, the website was developed with a responsive design. This ensured optimal viewing and functionality across various platforms, including desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Compelling Content

Emphasis was placed on creating compelling and informative content that not only highlighted Falcon Safaris' offerings but also educated visitors about the unique aspects of each safari experience. This included engaging narratives, detailed itineraries, and captivating visuals.

The Falcon Safaris’ website launched and quickly the statistics and feedback demonstrated that the website was working well for the business with increases in revenue, page views and longer dwell times - all great news for this highly successful business.


Falcon Safaris faced a significant hurdle in the digital landscape with low organic rankings. To address this challenge and increase visibility in search engine results, Safari Marketing Pro devised a robust organic marketing strategy.

Key Strategies Implemented

Website Upgrade: From Ground Level to Sky High

Keyword Optimization

In-depth keyword research was conducted to identify relevant terms and phrases related to Falcon Safaris' offerings. Strategic integration of these keywords was implemented across website content, meta tags, and other key elements to enhance search engine visibility.

Keyword Optimization

In-depth keyword research was conducted to identify relevant terms and phrases related to Falcon Safaris' offerings. Strategic integration of these keywords was implemented across website content, meta tags, and other key elements to enhance search engine visibility.

On-Page SEO Enhancements:

Comprehensive on-page SEO optimizations were performed, addressing factors such as title tags, meta descriptions, header tags, and image alt text. The goal was to ensure that each page was optimized to align with search engine algorithms and provide a clear understanding of the content.

Link-Building Campaigns

A targeted link-building strategy was executed to increase the authority and credibility of Falcon Safaris' website. This involved acquiring high-quality backlinks from reputable sources within the travel and safari industry.

Content Updates and Blog Posts

Regular content updates were implemented to keep the website fresh and relevant. This included refreshing existing content and adding new pages to address emerging trends or customer queries. A blog strategy was established, creating informative and engaging posts that not only showcased Falcon Safaris' expertise but also addressed the interests and questions of their target audience.

Social Media Integration

Social media platforms were integrated into the organic marketing strategy to create a cohesive online presence. Regular sharing of blog posts, updates, and visually appealing content on social media channels helped drive traffic to the website and enhance overall visibility.

Organic Ranking Progress

Targeted keywords related to safari experiences saw a notable improvement in rankings. Falcon Safaris achieved top positions for key terms, enhancing their visibility to users actively searching for safari adventures.

  • Increase in avg. order value: 68%

  • Increase in revenue: 54%

  • Increase in sessions: 231%

  • Increase in new users: 222%

  • Increase in page views: 301%

  • Increase in avg. session duration: +55%

PPC Optimization Triumph: Driving Quality Leads for Falcon Safaris

Falcon Safaris faced challenges with their previous PPC campaigns, experiencing a lack of significant leads and an unfavourable return on investment. To address these issues, Safari Marketing Pro undertook a meticulous analysis of past campaigns and implemented a targeted PPC strategy.

Thorough Keyword Analysis:

  • Safari Marketing Pro conducted an in-depth review of Falcon Safaris' past PPC campaigns, analysing performance metrics, click-through rates, conversion rates, and overall campaign effectiveness.

  • Identified areas for improvement, including underperforming keywords, ad creatives, and landing pages.

Keyword Optimization

  • A comprehensive keyword strategy was developed, focusing on relevant terms that aligned with Falcon Safaris' target audience.

  • Negative keywords were identified and excluded to ensure the ads reached the most qualified and interested users.

Compelling Ad Copy

  • Ad creatives were revamped with compelling and engaging copy that highlighted the unique selling points of Falcon Safaris.

  • A/B testing was implemented to assess the performance of different ad variations and refine the messaging for maximum impact.

Landing Page Optimization

  • Landing pages were optimized to align with the ad content and provide a seamless user experience.

  • Clear and compelling calls-to-action were incorporated, guiding users towards desired actions such as booking a safari or requesting more information.

Budget Allocation and Bidding Strategy

  • A strategic budget allocation plan was devised to ensure optimal spending on high-performing keywords and campaigns.

  • Bidding strategies were adjusted to maximize visibility for key search terms while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

Continuous Monitoring and Refinement

  • Implemented ongoing monitoring of campaign performance, making real-time adjustments based on data insights.

  • Applied continuous refinements to the PPC strategy to adapt to changing market dynamics, user behaviour, and campaign goals.

These key strategies collectively contributed to the success of Falcon Safaris' PPC optimization, resulting in increased click-through rates, reduced cost per click, higher conversion rates, and a positive return on investment.

  • Mobile Bounce Rate: 10%

  • Landing page Bounce Rate: 3%

  • Average Session Duration: 25%

  • Itinerary Page Bounce Rate: 17%

Key Metric 1: Organic Keywords

Key Metric 2: Top Ranking Keywords

Key Metric 3: Search Trend

Key Metric 4: Top Ranking Keywords

Social Media : Elevating Falcon Safaris through Engaging Content

Falcon Safaris faced challenges with a suboptimal social media presence, characterized by low follower counts and minimal engagement. To address this, Safari Marketing Pro implemented a comprehensive social media strategy to enhance visibility, engagement, and overall brand perception.

Content Strategy Overhaul

  • Developed a new content strategy that aligned with Falcon Safaris' brand identity and the interests of their target audience.

  • Created a diverse range of content, including visually stunning images, informative posts, and captivating videos showcasing the unique safari experiences.

Consistent Posting Schedule

  • Established a consistent posting schedule to maintain a regular and predictable presence on social media platforms.

  • Utilized social media scheduling tools to optimize post timing for maximum reach and engagement.

Follower Engagement Initiatives

  • Launched follower engagement initiatives such as contests, polls, and user-generated content campaigns to encourage active participation.

  • Responded promptly to comments and messages, fostering a sense of community and interaction with the audience.

Strategic Advertising Campaigns

  • Implemented targeted social media advertising campaigns to reach a wider audience and promote special safari packages and offers.

  • Utilized demographic targeting and retargeting strategies to ensure ads reached the most relevant audience segments.

By focusing on engaging content, a consistent posting schedule, follower engagement initiatives, and targeted advertising campaigns, Falcon Safaris not only doubled their social media followers but also experienced substantial growth in engagement metrics. This social media triumph not only expanded Falcon Safaris' digital community but also contributed to enhanced brand visibility and a positive perception in the competitive safari industry. This case underscores the importance of a well-executed social media strategy in building and nurturing a vibrant online community.




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