Our Strategic Approach To Climb The Google Mountain

You know investing your time into a SEO strategy can give you great results but not sure how to have a head start? Let us help you reach the position where your potential customers are waiting to be found.

Higher Rankings > More Traffics > More Bookings.

75% of searchers never go past the first page of search results.

If your African Safari Website is not showing up on the first page of Google when someone makes a search regarding the kind of services you provide, then you might be putting all your SEO Marketing For African Safari efforts wrong.

You are losing on a great load of potential customers and a huge reach that can make your African Safari Website win leading to long-term exponential growth.

Why Organic Marketing Matters For Every Safari Operator

Increase Your Search Rankings and Get Discovered More Online

As the owner of an African Safari Company, it can be a challenge to keep your inbox full and your safari guides are busy. And even when it comes to Organic Marketing For African Safari Businesses like yours, a lot goes into it. From managing your website, building links, creating optimized content, or performing keyword research, there’s a lot to be done. You're spending a ton of money on your marketing but why isn't your inbox full of the bookings?

Travellers who looking for the best Safari and tour operators from USA & UK, and Canada come across your competitors’ websites first we need to understand these are very important topics you need to think of.

  • This is due to the African Safaris Organic Marketing that they have invested in for years and years.
  • The high-intent African Safari Keywords they are using for top ranking in Google.
  • Which information clients are looking at online before they book
  • What Backlink they are using to bring more traffic
  • They are reaching out to a larger audience who are really looking for African Safari.
  • They are adopting new Organic Marketing Strategies For African Safari Operator.
  • They are managing their reputations by using Trip Advisor, Tour Radar etc.

So, the above Reasons are wake-up alarms for your African Safari Business. If you want guaranteed revenue then you need a result-oriented Specific African Safari Organic Marketing Plan. Wonder how can you get a tailor-made SEO Marketing Plan For African Safari Business? We at Safari Marketing Pro has successfully provided end-to-end SEO Marketing Solution For African Safari Operator to enhance their Revenue.

  • Google holds 92.03% of the global search engine market share
  • Only 25% of customers scroll past the first page of SERPs
  • The #1 organic search result has an average click-through rate (CTR) of 31.7%.
  • 81% of consumers conduct online research before they make a booking for their African Safari Trip.

Providing Marketing Solutions to Solve Your Problems

Our Passion is Growing Your Online Business

See to believe how doing end-to-end SEO can drive
consistent traffic to your safari website in a long run. It has
been proved that 70% of the leads that come from
organic searches have potential to convert.



Annual Organic Traffic


Annual Organic Traffic


Annual Organic Traffic

Organic Marketing Strategy

Doing all things right and following a proven SEO strategy can change the whole behaviors of your website, as the visibility increases. This means more traffic and more opportunities to convert potential African Safari Customers.

Here we present some of the ways that have acted as game changers for our SEO strategy.

Future-Forward Search

We always carry a futuristic approach in our African Safari Keyword strategies or the content that we write. The analysis is done in such a way that your website will still perform well in the times to come with technologies.

Detailed keyword research, adapting future technologies, keeping up with the trend, and deep content research.

Competitor Analysis

Doing an African Safari Competitor Analysis in the same industry and implementing what works for them can be a great way to learn. It also creates the opportunity to do what they have not adopted yet so you can have a win at the same.

Website research, detailed market position, social media presence, and Marketing efforts.

Full-funnel Safari Keyword Strategies

Understanding the keywords that work at each level of the conversion funnel plays a vital role in doing SEO Marketing For African Safari Website.

Keywords strategy for each level, website SEO, Right keyword in your content.

Site Architecture Optimization

Creating your website in a way that can help a user easily find the information they are looking for is a very important part of SEO to keep the traffic growing.

Easy navigation, fast loading, and visually appealing.

Strategic Link Building

Gaining quality links back to your African Safari Website can improve your page authority or build trust as well as ranking in the search engine result page.

Analysing quality links, increase page authority, and Search engine result page analysis.

Full-Funnel Content Strategy

Having content that satisfies each level in a customer’s journey, can improve awareness about your brand and result in seamless conversion.

Content that educates your customer, Intent-oriented content, Content that converts.

Scalable Technical SEO

Technically optimizing & and auditing your African Safari Website elements, gives a better chance to be found and ranked higher in the search engines.

Audit the website’s technical aspects, and review the ranking factors.

Social Media Marketing

Leverage the power of popular social media networks to achieve your African Safari brand’s goals. It’s a great way to reach a greater audience segment with chances of getting leads.

Analysing the scope of each social media channel, reach more of your target audience.

Transform Your Brand As A Leading Safari Operator With Safari Marketing Pro

As African safari Operators’ only choice for marketing their company, SAFARI MARKETING PRO has a proven track record. For more than 12 years, SMP has been helping African Safari Businesses to grow their online presence to drive more revenue.

To provide our clients with a clear path to success, we stay up to date with the latest trends and innovations, explore various marketing tactics , and test them through our internal campaigns to determine which strategies would generate the best results.

At Safari Marketing Pro, we view obstacles as opportunities for Safari Business growth. We learn from our mistakes and continuously improve our knowledge and skills to provide solutions that scale up the safari business.

We live by our two primary core values: Relationships and Results. We’re here for every African Safari Tour Operator, that’s our pillar. We have experts who specialize in helping safari businesses of all sizes -- from small businesses to large achieve exponential growth. We believe in owning the voice of our clients and we work hard every day to prove it.

Long-Lasting Results For your Safari business.

Our Marketing Solutions Work: We’ve Proven it Over and Over Again

Customer Lifetime Value

In the process of doing SEO, we get involved in so many techniques that come under it. Customer lifetime value is a process through which we can measure which technique is bringing in the greatest number of leads.

Once we recognize how we bring more leads, we can strengthen that aspect and change all our SEO Strategies For African Safari Operators according to it.

Content Efficiency

It’s a fascinating KPI because you need to produce optimized content not just to rank on search engines but also to achieve the company goals related to it.

As all of the content cannot reach the expected result or the number of leads, your website needs to produce efficient content that creates an impact.

Average Engagement Time

One of the most interesting KPIs tells us where on your website a user spends the most duration of time. Usually, this measurement can be achieved through a tool that tells us the average length of time a website was open in the user’s browser.

This can be helpful in optimizing the content and information provided on that particular page to attract more users.

Conversion Goals By Percent-Based Metrics

Conversion can only mean, generating revenue for your company from the leads that you get from Organic Marketing.

You should always look into the percentage of improvement, like with traffic flowing into your website, your conversion rate should increase too. Or, on the flip side, with traffic decreasing the conversion rate is increasing because you are better at focusing your target audience.

Brand Visibility In Search KPIs

This Organic Marketing KPI For African Safari Operators indicates what is our brand position in terms of search engines. With all the on-page and off-page SEO work that goes into ranking your website, by this visibility KPI you would be able to know what percentage of the search engine you result in for all the organic work that has been done in the back-end.

Revenue Per Thousand And Average Position

Revenue per thousand impressions is the process of estimating how much you are expected to earn with every thousand impressions. This may sometimes improve by making a little change to the functionality of your website or making it faster.

Average position is a ranking metric by Google search console. With a combination of both, you would be able to define which keywords and which web pages need improvement for more leads.

The Way We Work, Makes Us Different

Your First Step Towards Digital Success

We understand your safari & tour business needs to be more visible on the search engine result page to attract more potential customers and opportunities that would convert. With years of trial & test, we come up with some ways that would give you the best results by implementing SEO.


Competitor Research

By doing this you would be able to know what is the proven strategy that has been working for your competitors.


Identify Intent Keywords

Identifying the relevant keywords with the intend they have been used by the competitors can help us target the right audience.


Performing Content & Technical Audit

All your marketing efforts should start with identifying any error in your content or the technicalities of your website before doing SEO.


Give them what they want

Your website should include the content & intend keywords that address directly to the safari customers or should solve their queries.


Identify & Qualify Backlinks

If done correctly, building relevant & quality backlinks can result in ranking your safari website in a higher position of Google search.


Transparent Reporting

We remain transparent with all the SEO efforts we put forth for our client by regular updates on keyword rankings and monthly breakdown of your safari website’s performance.

Step 1: Competitor Research

Every Organic Marketing Campaign begins with identifying competitors in your African Safari Market. The process is essential to your success as we can determine what is working currently for your competitors. If your competitors perform well in search engines, they likely have proven work for ranking in your area.

Performing African Safari Competitor Research also allows you to close the gap between you and your leading safari competitor’s content and link-building strategies.

Step 2: Researching & Identifying Intent Keywords

Competitor research also consists of identifying Intent keywords your competitors are ranking for that you are not. By identifying a list of relevant African Safari Keywords, we can plan for every page on your African Safari Website and the respective keywords they target.

African Safari Keyword Research is the key to your organic marketing campaigns and will lay the footprint for each and every page on your safari website.

Our Organic Marketing For African Safari Operator consists of identifying relevant keywords and mapping them out in an easily understood way. That way, you can approve the overall direction and understand the marketing strategy.

Step 3: Performing Your Content & Technical Audit

Unless you’re starting from scratch, all marketing efforts should begin with an initial audit to identify any and all issues with your Safari website currently. This can include various problems that should be tackled before any new content or link-building is begun.

Step 4: Give Them What They Want

Once we identify and map out your intent keywords, our content will begin to create high-quality and relevant content for each page of your safari website. High-quality safari content optimized for your target keywords will perform better on search engines and act as lead-generating safari website assets. Understanding search intent, and creating content that matches your services with popular customer search queries in the global contexts is the most.

We often see African Safari Websites with poorly written content that serves zero purpose to your website traffic. A safari website should include content optimized for your target keywords and be used to drive safari website traffic to take your desired action

Step 5: Identifying And Qualifying Backlink Opportunities For Outreach

Your Safari website faces a lot of competition from competitors looking to take up the search results and new leads from your African Safari Business. Building relevant and authoritative backlinks can be the extra push is higher rankings in the Google search results.

We use a variety of strategies to identify and qualify quality backlink opportunities for your safari website.

The truth is building links to your website from relevant websites can have a significant benefit on ranking in the Google search results if done correctly.

Step 6: Transparent Reporting

We maintain full transparency so you can see first-hand how our efforts are increasing your online revenue. Our custom, in-depth reporting includes 24/7 access to a client, Google Analytics reports giving a full overview of your safari site’s performance, regularly updated keyword rankings, a monthly breakdown of the tasks we’ve performed, and a monthly summary reviewing the Organic Marketing Improvements For African Safari Business.

How We Do Analysis of your Safari Businesses Positioning?

By doing an SEO audit, we review all the successes and failures of the organic efforts we put in for our website to rank better. This will help us target what we are doing wrong & where we need to improve. Here are some of the areas to cover for carrying out an SEO audit.

Performance: slow pages, too-large CSS or HTML

HTML Tags: missing, duplicate or non-optimal length of title tags, meta descriptions and H1 tags

Social Tags: incomplete or missing Open Graph tags and Twitter cards

Content Quality: low word counts, unconsolidated duplicate pages

Localization: all issues with Hreflang

Incoming Links: detecting orphan pages, issues with nofollow links

Outgoing Links: detecting links to redirects, broken pages

Resources: issues with images, JavaScript, CSS

Frequently Asked Questions

Sales Questions

Over the years, we’ve worked with safari operators in whole African continents dedicatedly. We manage all the marketing efforts for small medium and luxury safari operators.

Spreading brand awareness, generating bookings, increasing your brand’s reach, instilling trust among consumers, all these primarily depend on one thing: marketing.

We guarantee that if you implement everything to give you 10X growth for your safari business. Depending on the starting point and existing issues with your site this can take a varying amount of time, but we’ll always explain every situation in detail and answer questions you have so you know what we’re aiming for you and what stands in the way.

Our monthly organic marketing fees range from 1000$ to $3000+/month. When you request an Organic marketing quote, we’ll review your website and provide a quote based on the size of your website and the strength of your competition.

Content Marketing Questions

Organic marketing services can take a few months to a year to complete. Certain factors, such as your starting point, can determine the overall length that it takes to see noticeable results. We’ve seen noticeable improvements with campaigns within a couple of weeks. Still, most safari operators can expect sizable results and work completed on their organic campaign in a 6 months mark if specific guidelines are met.

Your main point of contact will be a dedicated Google Ads Manager who is responsible for the research, planning, and performance of your account. Plus, our founder MR. CHIN PAL for all of our Google Ads projects for quality.

We would love your input on potential keywords. You know your market best, and your input would be highly beneficial. However, we go through extensive keyword research and qualification processes to identify the top intend keywords to target at the beginning of every marketing process. Our expert team will then map out every page to be created with the target keywords associated with each page. Once completed, we will share it with you for approval before moving on to the next steps.

ORGANIC MARKETING and PAID ADVERTISING work together to boost your website and position your brand as an authority in your industry or niche. ORGANIC MARKETING often gives you a far better return on your investment by comparison to paid media options. That’s not to say that ORGANIC MARKETING is cheap and easy; it takes a fair amount of time and resources to get it right but its long-term rewards are immense and sustainable. Most times, SEO and paid advertising will work together to provide the best results.

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