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Designed to ignite the thrill of the arena, our goal was to capture the essence of an African safari, delivering pure excitement. This has led to a surge in game and season ticket sales, as converting visitors into paying customers has never been easier!

Enhancing Website Design

Off We Go Safaris is a well-established East African safari company with a wealth of experience in the tourism industry. They specialize in curating tailor-made safari experiences that cater to a diverse range of client needs, including budget considerations, preferred destinations, and seasonal travel. With a commitment to excellence, Off We Go Safaris is known for its top-notch safari guides, personalized tour services, luxury camps, and an exclusive collection of secluded camps and lodges.

Launch Project

Challenges Faced

Off We Go Safaris recognized the need to elevate their online presence to better reflect the uniqueness and quality of their safari experiences. They sought the expertise of Safari Marketing Pro to design a website that would not only showcase their offerings but also make a strong impression on their target audience.

Solutions Implemented

Visually Captivating Design: Safari Marketing Pro created a visually stunning website that conveyed the beauty and allure of East African safaris. High-quality imagery and captivating visuals were used to engage visitors and immerse them in the safari experience.


Customization Features: A key element of the website design was the incorporation of an "Itinerary Builder." This interactive tool allowed visitors to customize their dream safaris, fostering a sense of ownership and anticipation. It also showcased Off We Go Safaris' commitment to tailoring experiences to individual preferences.


Highlighting Luxury and Exclusivity: The website design emphasized the luxury camps and exclusive lodges in their collection, reinforcing the brand's dedication to providing a premium safari experience.

Results and Impact

The redesigned website became more than just an online presence; it became a digital gateway to the extraordinary world of East African safaris. It significantly contributed to Off We Go Safaris' brand reinforcement, lead generation, and sales conversion. The website now effectively communicates the uniqueness of their offerings, their customization capabilities, and the luxury of their safari experiences.


The collaboration between Off We Go Safaris and Safari Marketing Pro elevated the digital presence of the safari company, redefining the way East African safaris are experienced and marketed. The website design not only mirrors the essence of Off We Go Safaris but also engages and captivates their audience, establishing them as a leading force in the safari industry.

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