Wilderness First Travel

Our design's main objective was to capture the excitement of Tanzania safari tours, boosting traffic, game and ticket bookings, and seamlessly converting potential visitors into satisfied customers.

Enhancing Website Design

Immerse yourself in the heart-pounding energy of the arena! Our design is a thrilling journey into the world of the 'Tanzania Safari Experience,' capturing the raw adrenaline and excitement that awaits. Elevating the game and season ticket booking experience, we've seamlessly transformed curious visitors into avid customers. Your adventure begins now – where every moment is a ticket to unforgettable memories!

Launch Project

Transforming Digital Presence

Wilderness First Travel, a specialized Tanzanian tour operator, enlisted the expertise of Safari Marketing Pro to revamp its online presence. Dedicated to crafting tailor-made experiences, Wilderness First Travel aimed to convey the allure of their offerings, ranging from conquering Kilimanjaro to witnessing the Great Migration in the Serengeti and indulging in the exotic beaches of Zanzibar.


Showcasing Diversity: Wilderness First Travel's unique selling point lay in the diversity of experiences it offered, from mountain adventures to beach getaways. The challenge was to capture this range effectively on the website.


User Engagement: Creating an immersive online experience was crucial to engage users and evoke the essence of Tanzania's landscapes and adventures.


Mobile Responsiveness: Ensuring that the website was optimized for mobile devices was paramount, considering the increasing trend of users accessing travel information on smartphones.


Conversion Optimization: The website needed to not only inform visitors but also convert them into potential customers by encouraging inquiries and bookings.


Strategic Storytelling


Safari Marketing Pro employed strategic storytelling techniques to highlight Wilderness First Travel's offerings. This involved creating compelling narratives for each adventure, from climbing Kilimanjaro to experiencing the vibrant culture of Zanzibar.


Visual Immersion


The website was designed with a focus on visual immersion. High-quality images and videos showcased the breathtaking landscapes and activities offered by Wilderness First Travel, providing visitors with a virtual tour of their potential experiences.


Mobile Optimization


Recognizing the importance of mobile accessibility, Safari Marketing Pro ensured that the website was fully optimized for various devices, offering a seamless and visually pleasing experience on both desktop and mobile platforms.


User-Friendly Interface


A user-friendly interface was implemented, allowing visitors to easily navigate through the different offerings, understand the unique selling points, and initiate inquiries or bookings effortlessly.

Results and Impact

The redesigned website became a dynamic portal, effectively communicating the diverse offerings of Wilderness First Travel. Engaging content and visually appealing elements enhanced user experience, capturing the essence of Tanzanian adventures.


With increased mobile optimization, the website saw a notable rise in mobile users, tapping into a broader audience. The user-friendly interface and strategically placed calls-to-action contributed to a significant boost in inquiries and bookings.


Safari Marketing Pro's collaboration with Wilderness First Travel led to the successful transformation of their digital presence. The website not only showcased the beauty and adventure of Tanzanian landscapes but also served as a powerful tool for customer engagement and conversion. By blending storytelling with visual appeal and user-centric design, Safari Marketing Pro delivered a website that not only met but exceeded the expectations of a specialized tour operator in the competitive travel industry.

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