Tanzania Outdoor Adventures

Our design's primary goal was to capture the thrilling excitement of the arena, showcasing the luxury of 'Tanzania safari tours.' We aimed to increase traffic, game and ticket bookings, and effortlessly turn potential visitors into delighted customers.

Ahead of the game

Tanzania Outdoor Adventures is a team of safari travel experts specializing in providing exceptional safari experiences in Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda. With extensive experience and knowledge in East Africa, they sought to redesign their website to better showcase their unique appeal and expertise. To achieve this, they partnered with Safari Marketing Pro, a digital marketing agency specializing in the travel and tourism industry, for website design services.

Launch Project


The primary objective of the website redesign was to create an engaging and informative online platform that effectively conveyed Tanzania Outdoor Adventures' deep expertise in East African safaris. The website needed to provide valuable insights to potential customers, enhance user engagement, improve search engine visibility, and ultimately increase conversion rates.


Outdated Design: The existing website had an outdated design that did not reflect the company's deep knowledge and passion for East African safaris.


User Engagement: The old website lacked interactive features and engaging content, which led to limited user interaction and reduced time spent on the site.


SEO Optimization: The website's search engine optimization (SEO) was suboptimal, impacting its visibility in search engine results.


In-Depth Consultation: Safari Marketing Pro conducted a comprehensive consultation with Tanzania Outdoor Adventures to understand their unique selling points, target audience, and brand identity.


User-Centric Design: The new website design prioritized an engaging user experience, with an intuitive layout, high-quality visuals, and clear calls-to-action.


Educational Content: The website was enriched with informative content, such as detailed safari itineraries, wildlife profiles, and travel tips, to provide valuable insights to visitors.


Mobile Responsiveness: The website was optimized for mobile devices to ensure a seamless user experience across all platforms.


SEO Enhancement: Safari Marketing Pro conducted thorough keyword research and implemented on-page SEO techniques to improve the website's search engine visibility.


Redesigned Homepage: The homepage featured captivating images of East African landscapes and wildlife, complemented by informative and enticing text that highlighted the company's deep knowledge of the region.


Interactive Safari Planning Tool: A user-friendly tool was developed to assist visitors in planning their ideal safari experiences, allowing them to choose destinations, wildlife interests, and trip duration.


Client Testimonials: Authentic client testimonials and reviews were prominently displayed to establish trust and credibility.


Increased User Engagement: The new website experienced a substantial boost in user engagement, with visitors spending more time exploring the diverse safari offerings and educational content.


Improved Conversion Rates: The user-friendly design, informative content, and intuitive navigation contributed to higher conversion rates, with more visitors inquiring about and booking safari experiences.


Enhanced SEO Visibility: The website's search engine rankings improved, leading to increased organic traffic and greater visibility in search engine results.


The collaboration between Tanzania Outdoor Adventures and Safari Marketing Pro resulted in a highly successful website redesign that effectively elevated the company's online presence. The visually engaging and informative platform, coupled with interactive features and robust SEO strategies, led to improved user engagement, increased conversion rates, and enhanced search engine visibility. Tanzania Outdoor Adventures is now better equipped to showcase their expertise and unique appeal in East African safaris to a global audience.

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