Turn Your Safari Website into Your Lead Generation Machine

Get a safari website that not only stands out from your competitors, but actually converts your prospects into inquiries and bookings. After serving the African Safaris industry for years and building hundreds of world-class safari websites we have an effective process for every African safari operators.

We don't just build websites, we build websites that Bring inquiries

We build visually striking safari websites specifically tailored for safari tour operators, lodges, camps ,climbing trekking and beach Holidays etc. We create these safari websites to increases excitement about your safari adventures and tours, build trust with potential guests and encourage bookings.

  • Helping your customers to connect on any devices
  • Engaging your customers with useful content
  • Increase your conversion rate from visitors to customers
  • A world safari website enhances safari brand credibility.
  • Works as an online shop

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

How Many Bookings You Have Lost Because Your Website is Driving Away Potential Clients?

A Bad Website Will Cost You Money

A website represents the online presence of your safari business. It is the face of your business and if it will look unprofessional and unpleasant then that is the impression its going to leave for your safari Business. Every safari Bookings starts with a search in Google and ultimately your safari potential customers will visit your website to choose you.

As a safari company you may be providing the best safaris in several destinations but if your website does not present it in right way then it will not encourage more bookings for your business.

A Good Website Will Pay for Itself

Whether you need a simple, affordable safari camp website or a sophisticated online tourism website that will attract guests and enhance their experience, Safari Marketing Pro can deliver.

Branding is everything in the luxury sector. The perfect website design presents stunning visual concepts that offer a genuine representation of your brand. Working with you in close partnership, we create stylish sites that are the perfect extension of the experience your customers have learnt to expect from you.

Bring more bookings

Customer-oriented design

We have a unique approach to every safari business, so we create user interfaces in line with your safari business expectations

Top-notch Service

Our team holds over 300+ successfully finished projects under its belt

Not the way you want we do what customers wants

Professional Approach to Every Project

We have an army of loyal clients who get back to us with new projects. Their number is continually growing, and they leave their positive feedback on our service.

High Industry Appraisal

Safari Marketing Pro holds a 4.9 rate on Clutch specifically in tourism industry rewards

Why Every Safari Operators Need Safari Marketing Pro To Build A World Class Safari Website ?

“Do I need a website for my safari business?” Well, the answer is YES. You need a website for your safari business. A well-professionally designed, lead magnet, sales booster, brand-differentiating website.

But why is it important to have a website for my safari business?

Well, this is the first question most operators ask when Safari Marketing Pro suggests them have a website for their safari business.

24/7 Connected With Your Users

Your safari websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that. A famous quote says “you are not enough rich till you earn money while sleeping” Sounds amazing right? How it sounds when you get inquiries /confirmed bookings at dead of the night when you are sleeping and your office is closed? Yes, website does exactly that for you. You may take off from work but it’s always on duty.

Less Investment More Profits

Having a safari website is very much cost-effective as it minimizes the communication cost and energy. As a company we all know know it takes a lot more effort and money for door to door marketing. But with a website puts full stop on all those hurdles and minimizes the cost.

Educates Your Customers And Sells For You

When a prospective visits your company/office to inquiry or get more information your representative briefs them or motivate them to understand and buy your services. But a website is you’re that online shop who doesn’t need a sells person to educate or sell.

Global Reach To Your Potential Customers

How many people you can reach by doing door to door marketing? Let’s say 300 or 500 or may be maximum 1000 people in a month.Instead of that having a website will make you reach 3 Billion people globally, which is almost 40% of our total population in no time.

Don’t you think that is how your safari business going to grow?

Boosts Sales And Inquiries

Make your itineraries and booking forms as your sales page. A well categorised and precise website will improve your sales process and boosts no of inquiries.

Converts Strangers To Paying Guests

It takes a lot of interactions, follow ups and negotiations to get a confirmed bookings. A well-presented and informative website can convert a website users to paying customers in fraction of time. You just have to understand your what your potential customers need and design a professional website according to that.

Create An Everlasting First Impression

As they said “First Impression lasts long”. Your safari website creates that first impression on your potential customer’s mind before they talk to you, meet you or make an inquiry/bookings with you. So you have a chance to create a good impression on your perspective’s mind through your safari website.

Share Existing Clients Experiences And Testimonials

Potential customers trusts more when they hear from your clients, not from you. Website gives you that opportunities where you can share your existing clients testimonials and help them in their decision making process.

Helps In Marketing

The root of every Online marketing starts with Website. Having a great error free website will not only create a good impression but also gives marketing a major boost. A good website helps in improving ranks, performances and user experience. No amount of marketing can help if you are not having a website or having a poor quality website.

So now as an operators you can aware of how a safari website is a must have thing for a safari company and how world-class website will pay back lot more than you invest.

The Fundamentals Of A Safari Website

Mobile optimized Safari Website Design

Your Safari website must be thoroughly optimized to be viewed on every device type.

Customized Branding

Website intended to generate qualified leads must be customized as per your safari company branding.

High trustworthiness concepts

We understand your destinations and customer journey better than an owner.

Highly converting and Optimized Content

Highly converting website content enhances your selling activities.

Optimized Lead Generation Forms

Customized website lead forms connect you with your potential leads at a faster pace.

Lesser Load Time

The load time of your Safari website must be less to decrease its bounce rate.

Step 1: Identify the goal of your Safari Website

It’s impossible to complete a successful safari website design process without first knowing what the goals of your business are.

Before we start with the process of a safari website design, we ask you these questions-

  • What is your target audience?
  • Which services do you want to offer to your customers mostly (Like trekking or Safaris)?
  • What are itineraries sizes (Budget, Mid-range, or Luxury)?
  • What extra features you are giving which will help to attract your customers?
  • Who are your competitors and how they are performing?

After getting the answers to all these questions, we can easily go ahead with the next step of your safari web page design process. The detailed information will give you a clear direction of the entire process.

Step 2:Collect Information. Brainstorm and Analyse sketches.

Just like information-gathering, the planning step of a safari website design is a most creative part of creating a new safari website.

We brainstorm to build a sketches layout and structure with the goals and scope in mind. After all this we create some rough designs from early feedback from the client.

Step 3: Design a world-class safari website enhances safari brand credibility

The third step of the web design process is to design how the website will look. In this step, a website layout is created with basic web page elements such as the menus, banners related to your services, welcome section, itineraries and landing page navigation, widgets, and so forth.

The challenge of good web design, like all designs, is balancing form and function. Use the information you gathered in the Discovery and Planning phases to shape your design. Safari Marketing Pro have the intention behind every design decision.

Step 4: Add value your destinations by creating amazing Contents

Now, start with the Key of your safari web design process. Yes, it's the website content.

If the frontend of your safari website is fascinating, then you can easily catch the visitor's attention. If your content is strong and appealing what your customers are looking for, then you can easily retain the customers and inspire them to make bookings. If we talk about the web design trends 2022, content is king that can add value to your safari website design.

Besides driving engagement, website content also boosts site visibility for organic marketing.

Step 5: Now it’s time to test. This time we are always consider these questions:

  • What do your customers like or dislike about this design?
  • What CTA buttons are being pressed first?
  • Where does the attention of the user linger?
  • How does the user handle certain tasks, such as finding FAQs or making their book?
  • Does any part of the design confuse the user?
  • How friendly is your safari website to your customers?

We make sure to test every page, every destination and itinerary content, landing page navigations, and everything from our end.

Step 6: It’s time to make your safari site visible in front of your customers.

Your Safari website is ready to go live at this stage of the web design process. Once the website has been fully reviewed and approved by the client, we will ready to go for live the site.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we build designs from scratch to the exact business needs of our valued customers. The site will be 100% Unique and maintain all the world class standard.

1st we will do a structure of the whole website share with your team then we will brief it properly on why we must be needed to have these kinds of stuff on the website and all.

Then once the structure approves us do a world-class design of the layout where the website will look 1000% unique in looks and great experience then we will share it with you then again will take your feedback for it and again we will be open to your suggestions.

We will work with your choice and also our experience which layout work what audience we target what adds value to the visitors. It is 100% collaboration between your expertise in this field and our technical value that will bring amazing growth to the website and user experience.

If you have a website which is out of date and not generating sales, we can help to redesign it as per current tour industry website design trends. The price and timeline for such a project can be decided after thorough review of your existing website.

If you have a website which is out of date and not generating sales, we can help to redesign it as per current tour industry website design trends. The price and timeline for such a project can be decided after thorough review of your existing website.

Whatever good images you have with you can share those, otherwise we will collect from google and make some changes by using effects, and so the there will be no Copyrights on it.

No, there is not any limitation for the no of webpages, you can get unlimited webpage according to your opinion,

SMP offers budget, mid-range and luxury solutions to the Safari and tour industry. And the cost depends on your requirements like (Destinations/ Goals / Services you are offering) so connect with the team in order to get an accurate quote.